CheetahGirl in her costume.

CheetahGirl is a fictional superhero created by the creator of this Wikki, kndnumbah5.   She has the powers to transform into a cheetah.  She can also run super fast and communiate with animals, even when in human form.  She is a vegatarian (you can probaly guess why) and loves to sing.  It is hinted that she has a crush on HotShot.  She and HotShot were the two original members of the team. She is very imaginative and intelligent, and along with T-Storm was trained in first aid. 

Her secret identity is Jessica Sanders, a dreamer who is sometimes kind of quiet and is often immersed in her thoughts or buried in a book.  Getting good grades is a priority for her.  Her familly is well-off and lives in a big house.  She usually has large amounts of her daddy's money at her disposal, but she gives alot of it to her friends.