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Hi! Do you dream about a superhero that you made up? Here's your chance to make them known! Create a page about your hero and introduce them to the world!


  • Create a Superhero Wikki was created on September 20, 2009.  I am working on editing articles for my six made up superheros.  Help me by creating an article on your superhero!!!

Super HerosEdit

Having superpowers is something that everyone dreams about at one time or another.  I remember back in kindergarten when I invented my first super heros, HotShot and CheetahGirl.  Ever since then I have imagined the advenventures of them and their four friends, T-Storm, Miss Mist, Icee, and Shooting Star.  Hopefully someday they will be in a comic book or TV show, but for now they live with your made up superheros on my wonderful Wikki!!!