HotShot in his costume.

HotShot is a fictional superhero created by the creator of this Wikki, kndnumbah5.   He is kind of the leader of the team, because he always takes charge when situations get sticky.  He has fire powers, alowing him to create fire instantly and withstand massive amounts of heat without ever getting burned.  Some people think he may have another strange power as well, but he hasn't figured out how to use it.  (He sometimes can feel when something bad is going to happen.)  His main weakness is his troubled past.  When he was little his house burnt to the ground, killing his dad and older brother.  He also tends to blame himself for everything that goes wrong, and then become determined to fix it in any way he can.  His other weakness is that, since he has fire powers, he can't get wet.  If he gets too wet, it can make him sick, paralized, unable to use his powers, be in alot of pain, make him pass out, or even kill him.  It is often hinted that he has a big crush on CheetahGirl.  He and Cheetahgirl were the original two members of the team.  HotShot likes playing the guitar.

When he's not a superhero, his alter-ego is Ryan Henderson, the poor kid from a dumpy neighborhood who is a favorite target for bullies.  He hardly ever talks when he isn't in superhero mode.  When not fighting crime, he usually allows himself to be pushed around.  However, he has been known to lose his temper and suddenly burst into flames if someone is mean to his friends or familly. He is 15.